"Constance, what a pleasure. I do a lot of interviews and these are the best questions I've been asked in a long time."

~Livingston Taylor-singer/songwriter/Berklee professor

"Thank you for the write-up, Connie! There’s no one in the world I’d have rather worked with on this. One of the best interviewers and one of the most genuine humans on the planet! You captured my life and journey like no one else could! You’re the best!"

~Jodi Katz, Trans Siberian Orchestra 
lead vocals/Backing vocals, Cher

"Thank you for writing your fabulous 
article  "Don't Forget Doris." It was great!"

~Mary Anne Barothy 
secretary of Doris Day 


"Constance's choice of words and sentence structure engages the reader like a great screenplay."

~Mark Schoenfeld

Artist management/promoter/ songwriter/producer-screenplays and Broadway/ writer/composer/producer

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